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Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:United States of America
Website:My Fanfics on LJ
I write fanfiction. I've had various accounts here and there over the years housing different eras of my fanfic.

anshin_fanfic@LJ is where most, if not all, of my Watchmen fanfic can be found, and a few X-Men fics (though I think all of my X-Men fic has been posted here as well).

anshin_kinkmeme@LJ is where a lot of my Thor fic is, complete and incomplete.

anshin@AO3 is where all of my complete Thor fic lives, as well as the beginnings of my Inception fic.

If you really want to go digging for some older stuff, I've got a bunch of FF7 fic up on FF.N under this username, and a lot of that's been posted to AFF.N as well. And for those who REALLY wanna go back to the beginnings of my ficcery, anshin_archive@FF.N holds all of my old DBZ fic. Yep.

I've dabbled in a few other fandoms--the Batman Nolanverse, Eureka, Good Omens, not to mention a handful that I've enjoyed but not really written anything for--so you might find a stray fic or two outside of the fandoms listed above.

This account has mostly crossposted stuff and fills for bingo cards on it. It's only been updated sporadically, and I don't know if I'll ever put anything else up here, unless I actually manage to finish a bingo one of these days and need to upload my card. But for the most part, I've fully moved to AO3, so I'll see you guys there. One day, that account will have a sizeable chunk of my fic on it. One day.
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